Video Upscaling

Video Upscaling

Video Upscaling Service

If you have standard definition video in any format and need high definition video returned, Specialist AV is your ideal partner.

With the explosion of high definition content and compatible devices, the appetite and desire of consumers to view content in high-def grows larger by the day.

Specialist AV are experts in the conversion and upscaling of standard definition video to high-definition and ultra high-definition. This includes all standard hi-def formats (720p, 1080i, 1080p, 1440p, 2000p, 2160p, 2540p, 4000p and 4320p).

We can take any analog or digital tape format or standard definition file and upscale to high-definition. This can be combined with our tape to file or file to tape services where the video can be transcoded abd converted simultaneously.

From a single file/tape to hundreds of files/tapes, our video conversion studio can handle high volumes for fast turnaround. Whether you have a one-off need or you have a large library to convert, our technology and experience will make short work of it.

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