Video Archiving

Video Archiving

Leaders in Video Archiving

Whether you are a major TV company, a small production company or simply an individual, if you have a need to archive video, Specialist AV is your ideal partner.

Send us a tape in any format, modern or vintage, and we’ll capture, transcode, convert and deliver to you digital versions of the original video in multiple formats (hi-res and lo-res) on hard disk, DVD or Blu-Ray.

We can capture from all modern tape formats (including HDCAM / HDV / Digi-Beta / Beta SP / Beta SX / DVD / DVcam / Mini DV / S-VHS / VHS) and vintage tape (including 1” / CINE / 8mm).

From a single tape to hundreds of tapes, our video capture and conversion studio can handle high volumes for fast turnaround. Whether you have a one-off need or you have a large library to archive, our technology and experience will make short work of it.

So Don’t Struggle With Tape Archives!
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