Tape to File

Tape to File

Tape to File Video Transfer

If you have a video tape that you want digitized to a specific file format, Specialist AV is your ideal partner.

Having a digital file of your original video tape is an excellent way to protect the video content for the future. Specialist AV can capture, transcode and convert any tape format and deliver to you a digital file version of the original video in any hi-res or lo-res format. The digitised file/s will be provided on appropriate media (hard disk, DVD or Blu-Ray)or if small enough, can be simply supplied from a secure download source.

We can capture from all modern tape formats (including HDCAM / HDV / Digi-Beta / Beta SP / Beta SX / DVD / DVcam / Mini DV / S-VHS / VHS) and vintage tape (including 1” / CINE / 8mm).

Video can be upscaled during the process where the original tape is provided in standard definition, but high-definition file is required.

From a single tape to hundreds of tapes, our video capture and conversion studio can handle high volumes for fast turnaround. Whether you have a one-off need or you have a large library to convert, our technology and experience will make short work of it.

So Protect Your Video Content From Aging Tape Media.
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