• Specialist AV announces High-Speed Format Delivery Service to assist Broadcasters Worldwide

    Specialist AV, leading provider of CD and DVD mastering and replication; digital archiving; and digital file delivery, has installed a Aspera Server, Telestream Vantage Transcode Pro Software and high-speed (100 Mit/s) fibre channel at its Dublin headquarters.
    joemurphey2_109_fThe end-to-end file delivery system allows Specialist AV to provide a new service to post production facilities, independent producers and advertising agencies. It can now handle everything from encoding, transcoding, uploading and securely delivering video files to broadcasters worldwide, in any format. The installation was engineered and delivered by technology and solutions specialist Tyrell.

    Traditionally, Specialist AV has delivered edited files, created on all editing packages on USB or hard drive, to tape for broadcasting. With the transition from tape-to-file, Specialist AV has added this additional service to meet the needs of content owners who are expected to provide multiple versions of programmes to broadcasters with varying requirements. This new service provides AV Specialists’ customers with the added benefit of transcoding or preparing the files to be format ready on a secure, audited, guaranteed delivery system.

    Joe Murphy, Managing Director, Specialist AV says, “The transition to digital has been a major milestone for the broadcast industry but the technological move from tape to digital has not been without challenges. More and more broadcasters want programmes delivered in varying formats, which require file-based, high-speed broadband delivery. This investment allows us to offer our customers a range of transcoding and delivery options to suit all needs and budgets.”

    Bryan Malone , Managing Director, Tyrell adds, “We’re delighted to assist Specialist AV with this important transition in its service offering. The project was completed on time, meeting budget requirements and providing a fully scalable system that will grow with the service. Our local on-site support also gives the team at Specialist AV full confidence as they can reach us as and when required.”