File to Tape

File to Tape

File to Tape Video Transfer

If you need a tape created from a video file, Specialist AV is your ideal partner.

Sometimes only a physical tape will do. So if you have a standard definition or high definition file in AVI, MP4, MOV or any other video format and you need to have it transferred to any modern tape format, Specialist AV can help.

We will transcode and convert any file format and transfer to a tape format of your choice including HDCAM / HDV / Digi-Beta / Beta SP / Beta SX / DVcam / Mini DV / S-VHS and VHS.

Video can be upscaled during the process where the original tape is provided in standard definition, but high-definition tape is required.

From a single file to hundreds of file, our video conversion studio can handle high volumes for fast turnaround. Whether you have a one-off need or you have a large library to convert, our technology and experience will make short work of it.

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